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End of tenancy Cleaning London by A2Z cleaners is outstanding. We have equipped, mobile teams of deep cleaning specialists. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Get a End of Tenancy Cleaning London quote now.

End of tenancy cleaning londonA2z Cleaners  provides for a thorough deep clean and is offered to the highest standards available. We guarantee you will be satisfied by the standards of our technicians and the level of service provided by us. Our technicians use the latest techniques and technology to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are achieved.

Our cleaners are vetted, trained and experienced cleaners, for both end of tenancy cleaning, Carpet cleaning and other related cleaning services such as move in, move out and after building cleaning because we know these type of cleanings are circuital. 

What we offer in End of tenancy cleaning LONDON service 

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is the centre of the home; this is the place which requires most of the cleaning as it gets dirty fast, one of the best end of tenancy cleaning expert from London gives lots of attention to kitchen

Kitchen cleaning starts with cleaning and polishing of the drawers, cupboards, floor, and trash can, and wiping down the cabinets

  • cleaning and scrubbing the sink with appropriate powder, brushes and soaps
  • Cleaning refrigerator from top to bottom, from outside to inside
  • Wiping out the front of appliances such as microwaves, oven, and its grills, dishes, racks etc.
  • Cleaning of interior cabinets and shelves, top surfaces to removes marks, dirt and stains.
  • Cleaning and organising the pots pans, boxes, bags, tidy pantry, containers etc.
  • Cleaning of interiors and walls.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom is the other most important portion, which requires daily cleaning, due to busy schedule people do weekly, as an end of tenancy cleaning service provider from London, we pay lots of attention to bathroom in order to make that clean and hygienic

  • Clean and disinfect toilet seat, bowl, rinse the disinfected surface of vanity sinks and toilets
  • Flushing the toilets with anti-bacterial agents and chemicals, providing paper holder
  • Polishing the shiny stuffs like mirrors, towel racks etc
  • Cleaning of wood fixtures, cleaning and moping the floor
  • Polishing the taps and cleaning the wash tubs etc
  • Cleaning of trash can etc
  • Cleaning of interiors such as walls and doors etc

Bedroom Cleaning

As an end of tenancy cleaning experts we always try to cover all the portion of the house, and tries to give best result as compare to other end of tenancy cleaning company in London

  • Cleaning and wiping the wardrobes, chest drawers from inside and outside both
  • Making all the surface and tops, ceiling dust free and giving new look by polishing
  • Wiping wall frames and picture frames, cleaning lamp and light shades
  • Moping the floor, cleaning with vacuum cleaners
  • Cleaning all the electrical appliances such as electrical switches etc
  • Skirting boards and pictures cleaning and maintenance
  • Where does End of tenancy cleaning London Covers.

Hallway and Stair Case

  • doors and door frames are hard to clean, it requires smart work, we as a move out cleaning experts cleans it well, we also take care of banisters and radiators by cleaning and wiping
  • Wall hangings, Dust picture frames and lamp light shapes, all we clean 
  • Clean and wipe light switches, other related electrical appliances remove finger prints, stains , marks  and dirt
  • we give out best by cleaning windows inside only, window frames, glass and window sills

as an End of lease cleaning professional in London, we understand your needs and requirement in best way, and try to accomplish the task as you expected

Living Room and Dinner

  • Cleaning and wiping the down doors and the door frame
  • Any furniture outside only – inside on your request and additional time may require to take the belongings out and place them in after cleaning them, need your cooperation while the work progress
  • Any sofas will be vacuumed, the cushions will be lifted and vacuum underneath
  • Move any furniture (if possible), vacuum underneath and behind 
  • Clean and wipe skirting boards, architraves 
  • Clean and wipe stairs banisters and radiators
  • Dust picture frames and lamp shapes, light shades, all we clean
  • Clean and wipe light switches and boards, remove marks, finger prints and dirt

All rooms Cleaning

  • Cleaning and wiping the architraves and skirting boards
  • cleaning the wall hanging and Dust picture frames
  • Clean and wash the doors and the door frames, remove marks and stains, cleaning and polishing the handle of the doors and removing the scratches 
  • Dust lamp shapes, light shades 
  • Clean and wipe light switches and boards remove finger prints and dirt
  • Dust and wipe, window shades and blinds, removing marks and scratches  
  • Cleaning and polishing picture rails and banisters of stairs 
  • Clean around fireplace, electric fire places and radiators to create nice ambience 
  • Polish mirrors and glass with excellent cleaning agents and chemicals.

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