September 5, 2013

Professional Rug Cleaning service

Professional Rug Cleaning service

carpet cleaning service
Dependable and first class cleaning is what our company excels at. For house cleaning, one time cleaning, tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning or spring cleaning, with just one experience you will find out that our company’s people and equipment are just right for the job.

Tenancy cleaning and especially house cleaning most importantly calls for the cleaning of carpets or rugs. House wives would surely know the headaches they go to, to clean their rugs properly, as they are the biggest dust catchers in the house. Luckily, the fast, easiest and most affordable ways for them are provided by our company.

We use various methods with new and improved techniques for rug cleaning. Most frequently used of which are, rug shampoo method, rug absorbent cleaners, Bonnet method, external extraction and so on.

For the shampoo method, our expert workers make sure that the:

  • Foam is stable
  • There is a high level of foam to reduce wetting
  • To reduce damage to the rug fibers, the bristles of the brush are highly lubricated.

Because shampoos simply bury the dirt, we make sure that the products that we use do not have optical brightness chemicals, thus making sure the rug is as clean and bright as it actually looks. To reduce over wetting which can cause straining, odor, and shrinkage, our workers check and recheck the cleaning process while it is being done.

To avoid resoling, it is imperative that the foam is of a high level. To keep it easy for you, our company facilitates you by providing all the chemicals and cleaning supplies needed. The products by us are the same type as that used in your regular cleaning. But we make sure rugs cleaned by us during house cleaning or tenancy cleaning are w job well done.

Our professional maids and workers are especially screened and evaluated on a regular basis for the very best house cleaning, as well as tenancy cleaning. They are also paid high wages to reduce turn over and to maximize your satisfaction.

The rug absorbent method is more like dry cleaning, where no water issues take place. A to Z company uses this method the most as its easier to handle, no drying time needed, and the results are more than satisfactory. The dry absorbent chemicals used in this process are of extremely good quality. Our internal lab has chemists that are assigned specifically to make sure that the chemicals are not too strong or harmful for the rugs.

Rugs must be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning. For this we have a special group that takes care of removing the residual particles. The chemicals must be organic, not polymers, or the residue is hard to extract after.

Vacuum cleaning is also done in a large scale for rugs in house and tenancy cleaning. We use superb commercial vacuums on every job, whose high power filtration system traps even the smallest articles of dust and dirt.  The vacuums are cleaned day and night with full inspections so you don’t have to worry!

The most recommended method is the external extraction method. It is also called warm water method, hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This method is the most preferred by the A to Z Company because it capable of removing soil deep in the pile. For this reason, it is called deep cleaning, while all others are light surface cleaning, as they leave some amounts of chemicals in the rugs after cleaning.

A to z Company uses the steam method in external extraction, it has various benefits. A fine stream of water is used to remove all the dirt hidden inside the rug, which is sucked up immediately after spray. The company keeps the health issue in check as well, we use this method as the dust and dirt particles are kept well in check and it is more feasible also.

A to Z Company will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation service estimate so that you can judge by yourselves. We also provide full residential house cleaning, as well as tenancy, office cleaning etc. Located in many places now (that you can view from our website), feel free to contact us, and we’ll be there to solve you biggest mess!

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